Thursday, July 12, 2012

City of Bones Cast

 Hey Romantics! Sooo....This day officially sucks! My boyfriend left today for holidays, I have another week of summer lessons, my computer is being stupid and I have to wash the dishes... but...anyway....
 So..."City of Bones" is in theatres August 2013 and we hear a lot about the cast.
  For months we know that....

Clary- Lily Collins                                    Jace-Jamie Campbell Bower

 A while ago we learnt that...  
Isabelle-Jemima West                        Pangborn-Robert Maillet
Blackwell- Kevin Durand

....and now... the most recent and exciting...

                                                          Simon- Robert Sheenan


So...what do you think? Are you excited for this movie? Do you agree  or not with the existed cast? Do you have any ideas for the other characters? Like Alec and Magnus? Please follow comment and share!!!
Romantic Kisses!!!

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