Thursday, August 2, 2012

City of Bones Casting News #4

 Hey Romantics! For those of you that do not know there have been some additions to the cast of "city of bones"

may I present to you Aidan Turner who is going to be Luke in the movie...

next, CCH Pounder will be playing Madam Dorothea...

...and last but not least (and definately most exciting)...

Kevin Zegers is gonna be playing Alec!!!!

What do you think honnies? Do you like these choices? Did you had something else in mind? Comment below, I wanna know your opinions...

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Clockwork Princess teaser

He turned at the familiar voice and saw Tessa. There was a small path cut along the side of the hill, lined with unfamiliar white flowers, and she was walking up it, toward him. Her long brown hair blew in the wind — she had taken off her straw bonnet, and held it in one hand, waving it at him and smiling as if she were glad to see him.  
His own heart leaped up at the sight of her. “Tess,” he called. But she was still such a distance away — she seemed both very near and very far suddenly and at the same time. He could see every detail of her pretty, upturned face, but could not touch her, and so he stood, waiting and desiring, and his heart beat like the wings of seagulls in his chest. 
At last she was there, close enough that he could see where the grass and flowers bent beneath the tread of her shoes. He reached out for her —

Thursday, July 19, 2012

City Of Bones Casting News #3

 Hodge is a character I still haven't decided if I hate or feel sorry for, but Hodge has been casted and here he is....

Hodge- Jared Harris

What do you think? Do you like him? Do you agree? Who should play Luke?
Romantic Kisses <3

City Of Bones Castin News #2

   I have for you another casting member, Jocelyn Frey has benn casted!!!
 Even though I wasn't that excited about Magnus, Jocelyn was a right choice in my opinion.

Jocelyn- Lena Headey

What do you think? Do you like her? Do you have any ideas for Valentine?
Romantic Kisses!!! <3

City Of Bones Casting News

    Dear romantic readers (weird right?),
today is a huge day for mortal instruments fans, why? Because the one and only, the ultimate Magnus Bane has been casted!!!!
 Personally...I don't really like this guy for Magnus. I know Maghnus is not old like I always thougt...but...I don't know...I just do not like this guy for reason.
  Anyway...i give you...
                Magnus- Godfrey Gao

So what do you think? Am I being completely unreasonable? Do you like him? Do you think he can pull this off? Any ideas for alec maybe? Romantic Kisses!!!! <3

Thursday, July 12, 2012

City of Bones Cast

 Hey Romantics! Sooo....This day officially sucks! My boyfriend left today for holidays, I have another week of summer lessons, my computer is being stupid and I have to wash the dishes... but...anyway....
 So..."City of Bones" is in theatres August 2013 and we hear a lot about the cast.
  For months we know that....

Clary- Lily Collins                                    Jace-Jamie Campbell Bower

 A while ago we learnt that...  
Isabelle-Jemima West                        Pangborn-Robert Maillet
Blackwell- Kevin Durand

....and now... the most recent and exciting...

                                                          Simon- Robert Sheenan


So...what do you think? Are you excited for this movie? Do you agree  or not with the existed cast? Do you have any ideas for the other characters? Like Alec and Magnus? Please follow comment and share!!!
Romantic Kisses!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday #4

               Clockwork Princess (The Infernal Devices 3)- Cassandra Clare
     Hey Romantics and not only! The cover of the third and final book of the infernal devices was revealed yesterday with the help of the fans who where tweeting non-stop so they can see...Tessa!? I'm guessing. I thought this was a great opportunity for a waiting on wednesday even though the book doesn't come out until March 19, but anyway I'm really excited and I bet all the cassie fans are too.
      Also you can now follow me on twitter and get all the new posts. @sc_emily and do not forget to follow and share and of course comment! I wanna now what do you think of Clockwork Princess and since we are talking Cassandra Clare, what do you think of the Dark Artificies????
 Romantic Kisses!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Catching Fire

Hey! So I haven't watch the Hunger games's tragic I know. But i know that the second movie, catching fire that is, is to be filmed this summer in Hawai!!! yay! So...what do u think of that? I wanna see your opinions people!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Beautiful Creatures Movie

 Hey my romantic readers! I've been gone for a while and I'm really sorry. But the news I've got today are sooooo big that I'm gonna make it up to you for my disappearance with just a post.
 Obviously it's about the "Beautiful Creatures" series by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. It's not my favourite series to be honest but I like it and I was excited when I heard that it's being made into a movie. And today I have some news for you about this movie, old news that you may have heard and new news!
 The new news is a picture of Ethan (Alden Ehrenreich) and Lena (Alice Englert), in which they are both really sweet. Don't you think?
 The old news now. After I saw this pic, it came to me that if there were already pictures from the movie, the whole cast must already have been selected, so I searched and I give you the list...
 Ethan Wate- Alden Ehrenreich
 Lena Duchaness(rhymes with rain)- Alice Englert
 Amma- Viola Davis(OMG!!!)
 Ridley Duchaness- Emily Rossum(hmm... we'll see)
 Macon Ravenwood- Jeremy Irons
 Mrs. Lincoln/ Sarafine- Emma Thompson(OMG!!!)
 Larkin- Kyle Gallner
 Aunt Del- Margo Martindale
 Genevieve Duchaness-Rachel Brosnahan
 Savvanah Snow- Tiffany Boone
 Emily Asher- Zoey Deutch
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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Dark Artifices

No words! Just click here, if you are a cassie fan or you like shadowhunters.
 And leave a comment to tell me if you are excited or if you think something entirely different would be better.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Josh Hutcherson- Teen Vogue- Journey 3

Well, well, Josh Hutcherson is looking really good on this new photoshoot for teen vogue. But... he always looks good anyway. Here is thr behind-the-scenes video of the photoshoot for you to watch.
 Also Josh Hutcherson and Dwayne Johnson will be on Journey 3, there are no more details yet... but at least we get something. Did anybody watch Journey 2 by the way? I haven't and I want to. Was it any good?
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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hunger Games Interviews

 I decided to make a post with all the recent interviews that involve the hunger games. If I try to make seperate ones I'm probably gonna end up having a million posts only today. So here it goes...

Well, as you know the tour for the promotion of the hunger games movie has started, first stop was L.A. I tried to find videos with the whole interview, but they all had much screaming and were blury or you couldn't see the cast, but I found this part of it on clevver tv and it's descend.

Next is this video from districtsugar, Jennifer, Liam and Josh are talking about the fame the movie is gonna bring on the 2 boys.

Then we have Josh talking on AMC. In case you haven't noticed I am a big Josh Hutcherson fan so I'm gonna post interviews that Josh is in. If you are interested in any other person of the cast, let me know and I'll see what I can do.
 I'm gonna leave you for now my tributes, enjoy the videos and don't forget to follow and share!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

City of Lost Souls (Prologue)

 What an amazing day! Only 3 hours at school, a new hunger games tv spot and I just followed Cassandra Clare on twitter to find out that the prologue for "City of lost Souls" is out!
 I just read it and it is absolutely amazing. At first I was kinda dissapointed because it had Simon, but I read it anyway and I LOVED IT! I am posting it here for you to read it, if you haven't already.

 Simon stood and stared numbly at the front door of his house.
He'd never known another home. This was the place his parents had brought him home to when he was born. He had grown up within the walls of the Brooklyn row house. He'd played on the street under the leafy shade of the trees in the summer, and had made improvised sleds out of garbage can lids in the winter. In this house his whole family had sat shivah after his father had died. Here he had kissed Clary for the first time.
He had never imagined a day when the door of the house would be closed to him. The last time he had seen his mother, she had called him a monster and prayed at him that he would go away. He had made her forget that he was a vampire, using glamour, but he had not known how long the glamour would last. As he stood in the cold autumn air, staring in front of him, he knew it had not lasted long enough.
The door was covered with signs—Stars of David splashed on in paint, the incised shape of the symbol for Chai, life. Tefillin were bound to the doorknob and knocker. A hamesh, the Hand of God, covered the peephole.
Numbly he put his hand to the metal mezuzah affixed to the right side of the doorway. He saw the smoke rise from the place where his hand touched the holy object, but he felt nothing. No pain. Only a terrible empty blankness, rising slowly into a cold rage.
He kicked the bottom of the door and heard the echo through the house. "Mom!" he shouted. "Mom, it's me!"
There was no reply—only the sound of the bolts being turned on the door. His sensitized hearing had recognized his mother's footsteps, her breathing, but she said nothing. He could smell acrid fear and panic even through the wood. "Mom!" His voice broke. "Mom, this is ridiculous! Let me in! It's me, Simon!"
The door juddered, as if she had kicked it. "Go away!" Her voice was rough, unrecognizable with terror. "Murderer!"
"I don't kill people." Simon leaned his head against the door. He knew he could probably kick it down, but what would be the point? "I told you. I drink animal blood."
He heard her whisper, softly, several words in Hebrew. "You killed my son," she said. "You killed him and put a monster in his place."
"I am your son—"
"You wear his face and speak with his voice, but you are not him! You're not Simon!" Her voice rose to almost a scream. "Get away from my house before I kill you, monster!"
"Becky," he said. His face was wet; he put his hands up to touch it, and they came away stained: His tears were bloody. "What have you told Becky?"
"Stay away from your sister." Simon heard a clattering from inside the house, as if something had been knocked over.
"Mom," he said again, but this time his voice wouldn't rise. It came out as a hoarse whisper. His hand had begun to throb. "I need to know—is Becky there? Mom, open the door. Please—"
"Stay away from Becky!" She was backing away from the door; he could hear it. Then came the unmistakeable squeal of the kitchen door swinging open, the creak of the linoleum as she walked on it. The sound of a drawer being opened. Suddenly he imagined his mother grabbing for one of the knives.
Before I kill you, monster.
The thought rocked him back on his heels. If she struck out at him, the Mark would rise. It would destroy her as it had destroyed Lilith.
He dropped his hand and backed up slowly, stumbling down the steps and across the sidewalk, fetching up against the trunk of one of the big trees that shaded the block. He stood where he was, staring at the front door of his house, marked and disfigured with the symbols of his mother's hate for him.
No, he reminded himself. She didn't hate him. She thought he was dead. What she hated was something that didn't exist. I am not what she says I am.
He didn't know how long he would have stood there, staring, if his phone hadn't begun to ring, vibrating his coat pocket.
He reached for it reflexively, noticing that the pattern from the front of the mezuzah—interlocked Stars of David—was burned into the palm of his hand. He switched hands and put the phone to his ear. "Hello?"
"Simon?" It was Clary. She sounded breathless. "Where are you?"
"Home," he said, and paused. "My mother's house," he amended. His voice sounded hollow and distant to his own ears. "Why aren't you back at the Institute? Is everyone all right?"
"That's just it," she said. "Just after you left, Maryse came back down from the roof where Jace was supposed to be waiting. There was no one there."
Simon moved. Without quite realizing he was doing it, like a mechanical doll, he began walking up the street, toward the subway station. "What do you mean, there was no one there?"
"Jace was gone," she said, and he could hear the strain in her voice. "And so was Sebastian."
Simon stopped in the shadow of a bare-branched tree. "But he was dead. He's dead, Clary—"
"Then you tell me why he isn't there, because he isn't," she said, her voice finally breaking. "There's nothing up there but a lot of blood and broken glass. They're both gone, Simon. Jace is gone. . . ."
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The Hunger Games

 AAAAAAAAHHHH! There is not much left for me to say except that I'm really excited for this movie for maybe the 100th time? Anyway, this new tv spot was out a few days ago and not only 'Safe and Sound' by Taylor Swift is playing on the background, but...wait for it... it has the BREAD SCENE!!! Yup! I love it.
 So let me know what you think about this tv spot, I have it here for you to watch it and don't forget to follow and share!  

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hey... wait...what do we call "The Hunger Games" fans? Tributes? Anyway, I just found on Clevver Tv the tv spot for the Hunger Games movie on a good quality and I felt I should share it with all of you fans out there. I also wanted to tell you that we really need some followers so please if you are a follower and like the blog share it. And if you are not, follow to get all the new posts.
And don't forget to comment. I really wanna know what you think of this tv spot, the hunger games movie in general or anything alse relative or not. Enjoy the video!

Monday, February 20, 2012

YA Sisterhood Tournament of Heroines

...So, those months I was gone there was a tournament on the YA Sisterhood blog, similar to the one Jace won except it was with heroines. Anyway, I checked Cassandra's Clare blog last month and on the 4th January, Tessa (The Infernal Devices) and Katniss (The Hunger Games) were competing on the semifinals and one of them would win and go to the finals against Clary(The Mortal Instruments).
 Of course I like both Katnisss and Tessa (Katniss a little more probably), but I was wishing Tessa would win this one, because as you know Tessa and Clary are both Cassie's heroines and she said that if one of her heroines  won she was gonna release a short story.
 And Tessa DID won the semifinals, something that Cassandra Clare didn't post about and neither did she post about the finals results, that by the way are that Clary won over Tessa (thank God)! In fact she hasn't post anything on her blog since 04 January. So I'm hoping this means she is dedicated to her writing and not that something bad happened.
 So how do you feel about Clary winning? And what do you think happened with Cassie? Please Comment, Follow and Share!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Richelle Mead's new series

Vampire Academy is done, Georgina Kincaid is done, Dark Swan is done (although I have not read the last book of this series so please do not spoil!). The only thing that has left is the Vampire Academy spin off, which is pretty good I have to admit.
 So I was really excited to find out that there is another series to come. Gameboard of the Gods is going to be the first novel in Richelle Mead's new adult paranormal series, Age of X. In my opinion the story seems kinda heavy to me, but... well I'm still looking forward to it. Here is a link for you to check the post and feel free to comment what you think of the new series. Don't forget to Follow and Share!

STRAIGHT BUT NOT NARROW: Josh Hutchrerson and Avan Jogia

I know I was gone for a loooong time, but now I promised to myself that I'm gonna post about everything new that gets my here I am! Even though I have no computer today because I... well... I practicaly melt my keyboard and I think it somehow affected my mouse.
 Anyway, Josh Hutcherson (...well no need to explain who he is) and Avan Jogia (who is... well i do not know who he is, but I guess they are friends ├žause I've seen him on other videos with Josh) are in a new video supporting the SBNN organization/campaign not sure what to call it. So two guys for a great purpose.
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Friday, February 17, 2012

Hey! I'm back! Lot's of school and homework for the last monts, and by the way... Latin Sucks!
 Anyway, I'm here now and I have HUNGER GAMES NEWS! Yay! I'm so excited. Well, even though I'm not a crazy Taylor Swift fan I do like Safe and Sound, it's so... tender and... sweet and it's perfect for this movie. The video was out a few days ago and even though it is a really nice video, don't get too excited. There are NO hunger games scences in it. The only reminder that it is a soundtrack for the movie was the mockingjay pin Taylor Swift picks up at some point.
 I have the video right here for you to watch it and fell free to comment, I want your opinions. Enoy!!!