Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Clockwork Prince September Teaser!

 Cassandra Clare posted the September teaser of Clockwork Prince, which is coming out December 6, and with just a few months away for the publication of the book I'm getting more and more excited.
  The scene is a small dialogue between Tessa and Gabriel Lightwood, in which they are talking about Will. My guess is that it's in the beginning, maybe middle of the book. Enjoy and tell me what do you think about it! Don't forget to follow and share!

“Must he be here?” Gabriel growled to Tessa the second time he had nearly dropped a knife while handing it to her. He put a hand on her shoulder, showing her the sight line for the target she was aiming at a black circle drawn on the wall. She knew how much he would rather she were aiming at Will. “Can’t you tell him to go away?”
“Now, why would I do that?” Tessa asked reasonably. “Will is my friend, and you are someone whom I do not even like.”
She threw the knife. It missed its target by several feet, striking low in the wall near the floor.
“No, you’re still weighting the point too much—and what do you mean, you don’t like me?” Gabriel demanded.

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