Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hunger Games New Photos!

Just a few days ago I posted some photos from the Hunger Games movie and just yesterday two new pictures came out. In one we can see Katniss (probably) picking something and looking at something that's coming. A potential threat is my guess. In the next one we can see Peeta lying on the ground looking at someone, my guess is Katniss.
So what do you think? Personally I'm crazy excited about this movie and these pictures make me look forward to it. 23rd of March is not that far away, is it? And just so you won't worry, Catching Fire, the Hunger Games sequel movie has a release date. November 22 2013. One and a half year over the 1st movie. Do you think it's too far away???
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  1. Eeeeeeek! I'm SUPER excited as well! I'm loving all the pictures! :D I agree, its far too long to wait! :(

  2. i couldnt wait before but now that the pics are out i really cant wait !!!! =D ♥♥♥