Thursday, August 11, 2011

House of Night

 Ok, I'm not really loving House of Night series. I have started Awakened. but I gave up and have it waiting for me when I'm not gonna have something better to read. I find Zoey slightly annoying. I mean she is with one guy and then she wants another. What's with that?
 Anyway, the 9th (God! Is it ever gonna finish?- just so you know there are gonna be 12 books in the series in total, some writers just don't know when to stop) of the series which is coming out October 25 has a cover. Now I can't even guess who is on the cover because I haven't finish the previous book, but as you can see it's a classic House of Night cover. I have do admit I like most of the covers.
  Do you like it? What do you think about the series? Do you think it's time for things to get to an end? Please Comment, Follow and Share!

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  1. lol well i love the covers and the books and the person on the cover of Destined is Aurrox but youd have to finish the other book to find that out lol, but now she is going to write novellas which i think is really stupid but i did like Dragons Oath , it was short and easy to finish. but still when is it ever going to end ?!? :P