Monday, July 18, 2011

Not so bored anymore!

Just a few days ago there was nothing new to post, but today everything seems to be new! Prepare yourselve because this is the first of two posts( I decided to write 2 posts because the things I'm going to write about are sooo differnt).
 We are starting with some music news about my favourite band, PARAMORE!!! The music video of 'Monster' is out and it's absolutely stunning! I will let you understand what's happening in this video own your own( I had some ideas but...).Here!
Paramore are also nominated on teen choice awards as best rock group and monster as best rock track. Vote!
And just because we are talking music, mtv has a nice way of how to pick a girl based on her music tastes. It's kind of fun actually!!! Please FOLLOW, COMMENT and SHARE!!!

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