Sunday, July 24, 2011

Go Clary!

Go Clary! Ok usually I'm not Clary's biggest fun, but Cassandra Clare released a teaser that I'm so loving. It's actually a scene with Clary and believe me when she talks you're gonna want to break your computer because you won't have the whole book to read.
Clary vaulted up onto the counter, and flung herself from the top of it as her weapon exploded into brightness. She landed on the demon, knocking it to the ground. One of its eel-like arms snapped at her, and she sliced it off with a whipsawing motion of her blade. Black blood sprayed, burning her bare skin below her wrist cuffs. The demon looked at her with red, frightened eyes.“Stop,” it wheezed. “I could give you whatever you want —”

“I have everything I want,” she said, and drove her seraph blade down.   
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