Friday, July 1, 2011

Fallen Movie

It's actually old news that Fallen by Lauren Kate is  being made into a movie by Disney. As I was  seeking for something to post today I found out that a few characters have already been casted.                                             
   The movie is coming out in 2012 and the third book of the series, Passion, was released on June 14th. What do you think of the casting choices? I was actually kind of surprised by Max Irons because I've read that Alex Pettyfer had signed for the role. Comment, Follow and Share PLEASE!


  1. I'm liking Max Irons...I like all 3 picks so far! I heard that Alex Pettyfer was in the running for Jace in The Mortal Instruments movie. He seems to be a popular choice! Can't wait for both movies!!

  2. I was just surprised. I think Alex Pettyfer is hot and he would be good, but Max Irons seems a good choice too.Umfortunately Alex Pettyfer didn't land Jace's role, Jamie Campbell Bower did. I was disappointed but he seems a good actor, maybe he can bring some Jace attitude.

  3. LUCY- Kaya Scodelario
    DANIEL- I'm more on Alex Pettyfer...
    CAM- Aaron Johnsen

    Did you get this from IMDB? They said it's fake (the IMDB)

  4. no, i found it on Lauren's Kate official site. if u want me to, i could send you a link