Friday, June 3, 2011

Paramore Monster is here

So hear is the new song and it's amazing! I believe and I'm not the only one that it's about the Farro brothers. Don't get me wrong I love Zac and Josh. but what they did, making Hayley look bad, was not cool. So Paramore decided to write a song about it, my opinion. "the hope that you've stolen", like when the Farro's left they stole the hope of remaining a group all together."don't you ever wonder how we survived?", a question straight to the brothers. "now that you're gone the world is ours", that's what made me see the whole thing.  I could actually expain every single line but I think you got what I mean.So do you agree that this song is about th Farro brothers??? Do you like it? If you haven't heard it yet, enjoy!

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