Wednesday, June 1, 2011

God hates Shadowhunters

NOOOOOOO! Remember Jace Wayland from the Mortal Instruments? The hot, arrogant Shadowhunter that everybody thought Alex Pettyfer should play in the movie adaption? Well, his deadly reputation is gone. I will explain everything don't worry. First Lilly Collins got the role of Clary. Ok, I never loved Clary, but this was bad. I decided though that it wouldn't matter if Alex Pettyfer played Jace. I was so excited when he was offered the role!!! Everything was a fairytale, but the fairytale gone bad( Don't you love that song?). Alex Pettyfer wasn't answering, I thought everything was going to be ok. He just wanted to think about it and then he was going to realize that it was actually an honor to play a badass character like Jace, but no. He lost his mind and that's why now somebody else is going to play Jace. I just saw on clevver tv that Jamie Campbell Bower is going to play Jace. Ugh, I wanna be optimistic but I just can't, I mean he played Caius on Twilight. Not Edward. not even Jacob or one of the other Cullens. CAIUS!!! God why are you doing this? What did Jace ever did to that guy and now he wants revenge? I want to be wrong and I want him to make the perfect Jace so I can write an apology post full of shame, but I doubt so...

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