Monday, May 30, 2011

Storm Born

Richelle Mead is maybe my favourite author. Most of you may now her YA series Vampire Academy, but one of her amazing adult series is becoming a comic! After Vampire Academy the comic and the upcoming Vampire Academy movie(2013), Dark Swan is out as a comic! It's so cool! Just amazing!

Clockwork Prince

Well, I wrote really bad at my Chemistry test today. Hopefully I won't fail. Anyway, I recently posted that the cover of Clockwork Prince is out. Today I just saw that Cassandra Clare posted the titles of the chapters as well, which is great 'cause December 6 is far away from now and we need something to chew until then. Also what made me more excited is the fact that some chapters have a small quote as a description. I can't wait! Here is the link!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hush Hush Saga

Ugh! I just finish studying Chemistry. I'm too romantic for subjects like this. Anyway I was just searching on the internet for something intersting and I found out that the cover for Silence, the third book of Becca's Fitzpatrich Hush Hush Saga is out. I bet it was released like ages ago but I didn't realised it. So beacause I'm a fan of the series I decide to post it in case any of you missed it to. So what do you think? Are you excited? I definetely think there should be a Hush Hush movie. I mean Patch is hot and arrogant and sarcastic. It would be perfect! Do you agree?

Clockwork Prince Cover

As a big fan of The Mortal Instruments I decided to give a chance to Cassandra's Clare prequel to the series, The Inferal Devices. Of course I also loved and now I'm looking forward to the second book, Clockwork Prince, which will be released December 6. Cassandra Clare is posting a teaser every month and they just make me anticipate more for the book. So here is the cover!

The hunger games

Well, I'm currently reading the third book of the hunger games by Suzanne Collins. I love it of course and that is bad because I have school exams and I should study. Back to what I wanted to say, because I love the books so much I was just searching news about the movie and I found this picture. What do you think of the first look of Katniss and Gale? Do you generaly agree with the actors they chose? Are you looking forward to see Josh Hutcherson as Peeta? And most basicaly do you like the books and the fact that they are being made into a movie?

New Paramore!

New Paramore! I'm so excited ! Paramore are back with a new single that's going to be on the soundtrack of the new Transformerms movie. Well, I'm not gonna watch the movie but I love Paramore. We are going to be able to listen to the whole song on June 3rd on the but until then a short clip. Enjoy!